Research Centers & Institutes at Tippie

Tippie’s dedicated research centers and institutes support research on predictive markets, accounting, and experimental economics.

Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM)

Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) is a global leader in predictive markets. It is a futures market run for research and teaching purposes, best-known for its accuracy in predicting election outcomes.

Traders buy and sell real-money contracts, which serves as a powerful forecasting tool and an incentive mechanism—used by the nation’s leading researchers in disciplines ranging from microeconomics to political science.

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RSM US LLP Institute of Accounting Research & Education

RSM Institute supports academic research and programming in the field of accounting. The institute promotes the research of Iowa faculty by helping faculty initiate high-quality accounting research projects, publish their research findings in top-tier journals, and further disseminate the findings to the academic, business, government, and professional accounting communities. The RSM Institute also provides financial support crucial to sustaining and enhancing the UI's accounting programs.

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Experimental Economics Interdisciplinary Research Group (EEIR)

We have a long history of doing research in the area of experimental economics. Consider it more of a technique than a discipline—one used by multiple departments at Tippie. EEIR provides researchers an umbrella protocol and a common subject pool for human participants.

The research is tied together by a common experimental research method using real money payments to incentivize behavior in economic situations.

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