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We offer three programs in the U.S. and two abroad. Our two international programs are detailed at the bottom of the page.

Full-time MBA
Professional MBA
Executive MBA
21 months 36 months (on average) 21 months
Iowa City Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Quad Cities Iowa City, Des Moines
$19,936 annual tuition for Iowa residents $29,925—15 courses at $1,995 per course $62,000—includes books, meals, parking, international seminar
Average age: 27 Average age: 31 Average age: 39 (ranges 28-62)
Average work experience: 4 years Average work experience: 7 years Average work experience: 14 years
Testing: GMAT or GRE required Testing: GMAT or GRE required for full admission; PreMBA option allows up to 5 courses before being fully admitted Testing: GMAT/GRE not typically required
Financial awards: Merit-based scholarships for strong applicants; more than 75% receive awards Financial awards: Many employers offer full or partial tuition reimbursement; other options include federal loans (FAFSA) for fully admitted students or private loans Financial awards: Sponsorship (full and partial) possible with many employers; other options include federal (FAFSA) or private loans
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International MBA programs

Hong Kong MBA
Time to complete: less than 2 years Time to complete: 11 months full-time, 2 years part-time
Cost: HK$273,000—all-inclusive; covers tuition, books, and materials Cost: $25,775 full-time, €12,000 part-time
Where/when: Hong Kong, Saturday/Sunday classes Where/when: Paderno del Grappa, Italy, with final four-week class in Iowa City. Full-time courses on weekdays and weekends, part-time weekends only
Average age: 35 Average age: 30 full-time, 34 part-time
Average work experience: 11 years Average work experience: 5 years full-time, 9 years part-time
Testing: GMAT not required of most applicants Testing: GMAT or GRE required

Financial awards: Available through SFAA

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Financial awards: Merit- and need-based scholarships available for strong candidates in both programs

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