The intersection of people and enterprise

How does a dead fish handshake at an interview affect your chances of getting the job? At what “age” should a startup business offer benefits, without affecting their growth curve? What makes top performers burn out, and how can managers head it off? Will extra perks like primo parking spots help you keep your rockstar employees?

Management is about answering questions. Specifically, questions about humans and their impact on the organizations they comprise, like the ones above. 

The research topics tackled by our own management & entrepreneurship (M&E) faculty are as fascinating as they are varied. We have a reputation for one of the strongest M&E departments in the country, with a concentration of some of the best faculty in the field. As a PhD candidate here, you’ll be part of the excitement. You can turn your curiosity about how people and companies can work better into a successful career as a teacher and an influential thinker.

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Bright prospects and a glowing record

Our record of success is impeccable: our 16 most recent graduates secured positions immediately upon graduation, with 15 in academia and 1 in consulting. Our recent grads are part of dynamic faculties at:

  • Indiana University
  • Rutgers University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Brigham Young University

Our faculty help shape the field

On our faculty roster, you’ll find some big-time M&E researchers. Like Amy Kristof-Brown, an internationally recognized expert in person-organization fit. Or Ning Li, a researcher of social networks, team leadership, and discretionary behaviors, whose research ranks him near the top worldwide among early-career management professors. And Greg Stewart, who’s in the midst of cutting-edge research on medical care provider teams in the V.A. hospital system.

Our heavy-hitter lineup is long and growing. Faculty like Ken Brown, Amy Colbert, Eean Crawford, Brady Firth, Sara Rynes, and Bodi Vasi produce industry-leading research and guide our PhD students through their degree.

We’re also some of the most published authors in the leading management and applied psychology journals, like the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of Management.

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Student Story
Dan Goering

“It was through this experience I realized, wow. This is how I can help—by applying research to complex, difficult, and delicate issues.”

Preserving a faculty ratio of 1:1

We compete with the nation’s highest-ranked business schools for the brightest PhD students. But our selectivity keeps the program small. We admit about 3 students annually from 40–50 applicants.

We support 14–15 PhD candidates, allowing us to maintain a one-to-one student-faculty ratio. That means you can count on attention and engaged mentoring as you progress through the program.

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