It’s true.

Much of what you'll hear about Tippie is around getting involved, making connections, and having real-world experiences—before "real world" officially begins.

But fundamental to all of that is our curriculum that combines the University of Iowa’s strong liberal arts tradition with Tippie’s nationally ranked business education.

    What you need to graduate

    Here’s the basic recipe of a Tippie degree, in no particular order:

    • Iowa Core requirements + business prerequisites
    • Add in business core courses and major courses
    • Mix in experiential learning opportunities through Tippie RISE

    What's covered?

    Iowa Core Requirements
    These are foundational courses in the areas like social sciences, literature, rhetoric, and world languages.

    Business prerequisites
    These are intro-level business and math courses that you need to take to be admitted to Tippie if you are pursuing standard admission or are a transfer student.

    Business core
    These are a set of courses that all business majors take. You’ll need to take some of them before you can declare a business major.

    Major courses
    Majors, and sometimes tracks within a major, have a set of courses you’ll take to graduate with that major. All six majors at Tippie have their own course requirements and electives.

    Experiential learning: Tippie RISE
    To graduate, you’ll complete hands-on experiential learning in one of the following ways: research, internship, study abroad, or take a course with an experiential element (like a consulting project for a real client). This is Tippie RISE

    The Registrar’s Office maintains the complete list of courses in each of these groupings.

    See list of courses

    World language requirement

    Tippie College of Business students may complete the world language requirement using one of two options. Either option may be fulfilled by high school course work, college course work, or an appropriate combination of high school and college course work. One year of high school world language is equivalent to one semester of college. The requirement may also be met by passing a proficiency test in one or two world languages.  

    • Option one: The fourth-level proficiency in a single world language. To meet the fourth-level of proficiency in the same language, students are required to take four years in high school or four semesters in college.
    • Option two: The second-level proficiency in two different world languages. To meet the second-level proficiency, students are required to take two years each of two different languages in high school or two semesters each of two different languages in college. Option two does not fulfill the world language requirement for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or qualify students for language incentive credit.            

    We strongly encourage students to complete four years of a single language in high school. By completing fourth-level proficiency in the same world language, you will fulfill requirements for the Tippie College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

    Students who receive an Associate of Arts (AA) from community colleges participating in the Iowa Community College/Regents Articulation Agreement or community colleges in the Illinois Articulation Agreement are considered to have met the General Education Program requirements in rhetoric, literature, natural sciences, social sciences, historical perspectives, values, society and diversity, international and global issues (or the past requirement of "Global and Cultural Studies"), but not the world language requirement. For students who receive an AS or AAS, admissions evaluates their courses on a course-by-course basis. 

    Undergraduate to Graduate programs

    Students in their third year of undergraduate study with a qualifying GPA of 3.25 are eligible for Iowa’s Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) programs—sometimes referred to as 4+1. You’ll save time and money by applying 10-15 semester hours toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. U2G makes it possible to graduate with a Master’s in Finance or a Master's in Business Analytics in just two extra semesters (rather than the typical three).

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