Start strong to finish strong

Technically, Direct Admit Seminar is a course that meets once a week the first ten weeks of fall semester. But there's so much awesome packed into those ten weeks, we're not even sure where to start.

The TL;DR version: The Direct Admit Seminar breaks down barriers and guides you through the unfamiliar process of preparing for success in college and in your future career.

Most first-year students don't know which way is up in those whirlwind early weeks. The seminar is packed full of guidance and advice to get you off on the right foot. Armed with this information, you'll create a four-year plan that includes courses, activities outside of class, work experience, and much more.

Some take years to figure this out. You'll need only ten weeks.

Choose the right major (or majors)

Whether you're absolutely positive or squarely on the fence about your major, we'll guide you toward the right one for you. We start with your talents, skills, and strengths to help you figure out the kind of work you want to do, then work backward to identify the major that'll get you there. That's step one.

Add the right experiences

Starting from the type of work you want to do, we identify experiences that will build your resume. What internships and classes will be key? Which student organizations or study abroad programs line up with your plan? Where can you volunteer to be of service to others and build your resume?

Dominate the job search

Career fairs can intimidate—everyone's dressed like a presidential candidate, there are hordes of people, and you're in a maze of booths. In seminar, we'll dive into career resources—like career fairs and Handshake, where you'll post your resume and apply for jobs—so when job-search time comes, you're up to speed.

Your guide: the Direct Admit Seminar peer mentor

Let's be honest: good advice carries so much more weight when it comes from someone like you. That's why every seminar includes—and some weeks, the class is completely led by—peer mentors.

Peer mentors talk about everything, from academics (electives to take) and study skills (how, when, and where to study) to health (eat more salads, eat less pizza) and housekeeping (yes, separate your whites and colors).

Ask your peer mentor the questions you're not comfortable asking anyone else, even after the seminar is over. They're your guide to Tippie and the entire university.

Cory Paterson

Pivot from star gymnast to all-around pro

Thanks to stellar grades and SATs, Cory Paterson, BBA Finance, snagged a spot as a Tippie direct admit.

“When I first started the business school, even people I didn’t know would say hi. There’s just a friendly atmosphere.”

He was boosted into business classes as a first-year student and was lucky enough to experience special career seminars.

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