Risk is everywhere—so your career can go anywhere

Every business decision involves risk. Having a sound understanding of how to deal with risk gives you an edge in any career. But that's not to say that there aren't plenty of opportunities in the risk management and insurance industry. Whether you work as a corporate risk manager, consultant or broker, underwriter or claims adjuster, consistently high placement rates make this a low risk major. And we know you're into that.

Managing and mitigating loss is a crucial factor in long-term success—be it in business or in personal finance. Having a risk management strategy and insurance protects us from financial disasters, like destructive acts of nature, accidents, litigation, or healthcare bills we can't afford.

Insurance and risk management professionals put solutions in place, so companies are better prepared for those life situations. It's work with meaning where you can think critically and make a difference every day in jobs like:

  • risk analyst
  • underwriter
  • corporate risk manager
  • risk management consultant
  • employee benefits manager
  • commercial broker
  • financial planner
  • claims adjuster
  • producer (sales)
  • actuary
  • auditor
  • wealth manager

Internship & career resources

The Pomerantz Career Center offers a wealth of resources to help you find internships, networking opportunities, and your first—or next—risk management and insurance job.

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