Master of Science in Business Analytics

Find your niche in a place where in-demand skills meet the world's brightest minds in analytics: the Tippie College of Business.

Employers demand data skills

Did you know that 69% of employers say data science skills ensure preference for jobs, but just 23% of graduates have those skills? You don't have to be an economist to know that when demand outstrips supply, the talent (that's you) has the upper hand.

Data science is kind of our thing

When the revolution in big data arrived like a tsunami, we weathered the storm just fine. In fact, our surfboards were well-worn and used to the routine. We've been doing business analytics for years, long before it was cool. And we're good at it. Who better to learn from than the brightest minds in analytics?


Master's degree vs. certificate

If the certificate gets you data-savvy, then the Master of Science in business analytics will transform you into a data ninja.

In our 10-course master's program, you'll go beyond the fundamentals of analytics and deep into actual applications and their challenges. For example:

  • How can I take a trove of emails, tweets, blogs, and customer reviews, and turn them into actual customer insights?
  • What if my data set's too big for one computer to handle? What are the best new technologies and alternatives to traditional databases?
  • How do I make my data digestible and present it visually? How does human perception affect how my data should be presented?

If you're salivating just thinking about all the data you'd get to play with, good. We're looking for you. Hopefully, you've been looking for us, too.

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Video: Iowa's Business Analytics Programs for Working Professionals

Part-time master's and certificate

In this video of a recent webinar, we dive deep into our master's and certificate programs in the high-demand area of business analytics—including how our programs are designed to help you balance work, family, and school.

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Alumni Story
Nicole McCormick

Pivot from marketer to manager

While working as a marketing coordinator at an IT solutions provider, Nicole volunteered to take on data analytics. She soon realized the limitations of Excel—and looked to power through them via Iowa’s part-time master’s in business analytics program. There, she learned to use sophisticated data tools to boost her company’s results, and gained the expertise and confidence to boost her career. Now the manager of a five-person marketing ops team, Nicole’s on track to a director position.

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What you'll study

The first five courses are designed as solid fundamentals in subjects from data science to data programming and advanced analytics. Courses six through 10 dive deeper into specific applications like text analytics, health care analytics, data visualization, and more.

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Applying to the master's program

You'll need to fill out the online application. We'll ask for unofficial transcripts from any institution where you've earned a degree, plus your resume and a short statement of purpose. No GRE/GMAT required. See the complete application checklist in the Admission section.

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Master of Science + Iowa MBA

The two subjects dovetail nicely: business analytics and business administration. So we've created a joint degree program that lets you earn both master's degrees in markedly less time. 

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