Substance meets style

The perfect balance of required fundamentals and make-it-your-own electives

At center stage in the Iowa MBA Program is the MBA core—nine courses that give you a solid foundation. You’ll study marketing, finance, management, business analytics, business strategy, and more. Beyond the core, use your six electives to customize your MBA. Choose from courses in leadership, strategy, marketing, finance, analytics, operations, international business—whatever interests you. Check out the list of courses.

Have a plan

The Iowa MBA gives you incredible flexibility—to create your plan of study and to complete it at a pace that makes sense for you. After you’re admitted, your academic advisor will work with you to lay out a plan that suits your needs. Itching to see a blueprint? Check out sample study plans.

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Customize your experience

The Iowa MBA is far from a one-size-fits all program. Create a plan of study that fits your schedule and career goals. Add a specialization—with no additional coursework—that makes you more marketable. And delve into international business by taking part in a global experience. Explore all the ways you can make your Iowa MBA your own.

Online Plan of Study

See how you can graduate in two years while working full-time—or change course if life throws you a curveball.

Phaedra Strohmaier

Add a concentration to your MBA with a professional certificate—without any additional coursework.

Glo Trip

Choose from two to three destinations a year to add a global immersion experience to your Iowa MBA.

Class sizes

While class size can vary based on enrollment and interest, classes both online and in person are typically capped at 45 students per class.


The Iowa MBA is built on collaboration, and that's the case whether your courses are online or in person. In online courses, live sessions allow for class discussions and small group breakouts, where you'll connect and collaborate with fellow students. Teaming and group work are featured to help you grow both personally and professionally.


MBA + certificate

Multiply the resume-boosting impact of the Iowa MBA with a certificate that showcases your concentration. With little or no additional coursework, you can graduate with your MBA and a certificate in Leadership, Business Analytics, Finance, or Marketing.

MBA + master’s in analytics 

The Iowa MBA gives you the cross-functional understanding of business—and the soft skills you need to lead, manage, and motivate. Tippie’s master’s in business analytics complements your MBA with the most in-demand data skills. This 60-semester-hour joint degree program is one of the hottest intersections in all of business education.

Explore certificates & joint degrees

GLO Trip

Get a taste of business abroad

Is Vietnam the new China? Are Turkey’s currency woes taking a toll on bonds in South Africa? If the Czech Republic becomes the Colorado of the E.U.’s cannabis market, how will it affect international investment and tourism to the region? Explore these questions for yourself by participating in a Global Learning Opportunity, or GLO for short.

GLOs are weeklong international travel courses that count as one of your electives. They are offered in January and May every year. You can choose from two to three destinations when you add an optional global immersion experience to your Iowa MBA.

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Alumni Story
Reetika Bhandari

Learn it at night, use it by day

From day one, Reetika Bhandara was unwrapping her new knowledge at the office.

“After my finance classes, I’d go back to work and I’d have a meeting and think, ‘That is what I learned!’" 

Today she keeps a class handout at her desk. And though Reetika started the program believing specific classes were what she needed, like project management, she also discovered lifelong lessons in unexpected classes.

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