Hard to beat for reputation

The Online MBA may be new, but the University of Iowa isn't new to the MBA. Tippie students and alumni have been earning a world-class MBA at Iowa for almost 60 years. In fact, we're a recognized leader in MBA education for working professionals.

Our in-person Professional MBA Program—of which the Online MBA is an extension—is ranked #35 in the country by U.S. News and World Report. The Tippie College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)—a distinction awarded to only the top five percent of business schools worldwide—and has held continuous accreditation since 1923.

The Iowa MBA has the strength of the Big Ten, a gold-standard accreditation, plus decades of experience behind it—and it won't break the bank.


Designed to be completed in two years, but timing is flexible and can be adjusted to the timeline that works for you. See a plan of study.

45 credit hours total. You'll complete nine required core courses plus six electives you choose. Explore curriculum.

$2,100 per course, or $31,500 for the entire program. Tuition is reviewed annually and is subject to change. See details.

Choose from three start times per year: August (fall semester), January (spring), and May (summer).

None required. Start taking MBA courses right away, even if you've never taken a business or stats course.

A mix of on-your-schedule and set login times

Courses are a combination of asynchronous (view lectures and participate in discussions any time) and synchronous (specific live sessions during which all students are logged in), but overall the majority of coursework happens whenever and wherever you prefer. For each course, you should plan for about 5-10 hours per week of study and coursework (including live sessions).

Most core courses have 60–90 minutes of live sessions on a weeknight (timing can vary). Some elective courses have no live sessions, while others offer live sessions that are completely optional.

When you register for courses, you'll see clearly the live session times for every course, so you can choose options that work best for you.

All about courses

In the Online MBA, 16-week semesters (fall and spring) are split into two parts: an 11-week session and a 5-week session (we call it "intersession"). The summer semester is shorter, and contains an 11-week session that runs concurrently with two 6-week sessions.

Some courses—including several from the core—are best suited for the 11-week format, while electives are often delivered in the accelerated 5-week or 6-week formats.

Spring & Fall
  • 11-week courses
  • 5-week intersession courses
  • 11-week courses
  • 6-week elective courses

Online vs. in-person mix

The program is 100% online. If you’d like a combination of online and in-person courses, consider the Professional MBA, which has locations in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities, as well as a large selection of online and hybrid course options.

Global experience

Another option for one of your elective courses, Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) are offered two to three times a year. Review your opportunities to study in international destinations. 

Class sizes

While class size can vary based on enrollment and interest, classes are typically capped at 45 students per class. 


The Iowa MBA is built on collaboration. Live sessions allow for class discussions and small group breakouts, where you'll connect and collaborate with fellow students. Teaming and group work are featured to help you grow both personally and professionally.