Marketing is at the center of everything.

New ideas, products, and services must fulfill a need to be successful. They also have to be communicated effectively. And priced correctly. And must reach their audience in the right place at the right time. The marketing major is about seeing the big picture—and making the right set of choices for businesses and ideas to be successful. Marketers are different from other roles because they have a seat at the table to represent the needs of the customer.

There’s a home in the marketing major for all types: The techie, the creative, the psychologist, the people person, the writer, the social media addict—and increasingly, the analytical. That’s because marketing is a field that feeds industries as diverse as advertising, retail, product development, and e-commerce. The Tippie BBA in marketing is the perfect first step.

At a glance

93 percent

Marketing alums employed or in grad school

within 6 months of graduation, 2020
$50,000 salary

Average starting salary for marketing grads

Class of 2020
4 Tracks for major

Tracks to choose from

retail management, sales management, marketing management, or marketing analytics

Designed for the needs of today’s marketers

Tippie evaluated marketing programs across the country, conducted extensive interviews and focus groups with employers, industry leaders, marketing students, and alumni. We used the results of that research to make the Tippie BBA in marketing the most focused and forward-looking marketing degree you can earn.

Four tracks to target the market for your interests

The Tippie BBA in marketing offers four tracks that let you tailor your degree to your specific interests and career goals. Each track has a dedicated faculty leader and includes internship opportunities, networking events, and professional preparation courses. Choose from:

Retail management—learn to choose products and create in-store and online experiences that delight customers.

Professional sales & management—master the communication and relationship-building techniques that build trust and close the deal.

Marketing management—explore the myriad ways brands communicate with customers to launch new products and maintain loyalty.

Marketing analytics—understand the nuances of consumer behavior and use data to measure and optimize marketing initiatives.


Want to see the courses you could take as a marketing major? Check out the marketing academic plan.

Marketing academic plan

Tippie marketers are finding their niche

Graduates with the Tippie BBA in marketing have been making their mark as brand managers, merchandisers, analysts, and salespeople for businesses as diverse as Target, Starbucks, IBM, and Groupon.

Explore marketing careers

Alumni Story
Jill Mansheim talks about she became a digital marketing expert

Find your passion

After she decided on Iowa, Jill Mansheim (BBA10) declared management as her major.

“What I really love about marketing is that there is a certain art to it that you don’t get from the other aspects of business."

But she triggered her passion when she took her first Intro to Marketing course, followed by Advertising Theory, where she created an actual advertising plan for clients.

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Highlighted Offerings

Marketing Institute Undergraduate

Marketing Institute

Employers are impressed with the experience Marketing Institute students receive while working on projects for real-world clients.

Student Organizations

American Marketing Association

Join the world’s largest professional society for marketers. Meet industry experts, attend company visits in major cities, and form your team to compete in a case competition.

Student Organizations

American Advertising Federation

Students in Advertising is an organization open to all majors, promoting education in the advertising industry. We provide a fun, yet professional environment for students interested in a career in advertising. By interacting with industry professionals, we strive to expose students to as many real-world situations and opportunities as possible.

Meet the Faculty
Tom Gruca

A new study co-authored by Tom Gruca, professor of marketing in the Tippie College of Business, finds that once people reach a conclusion, they aren’t likely to change their minds, even when new information shows their initial belief is likely wrong and clinging to that belief costs real money.

Featured Course

Gain real-world marketing experience. Consult for an actual business client. Solve marketing challenges. Apply what you’ve learned in class—conduct market research, propose creative solutions, and impress your client.

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