Important news about upcoming changes to the standard admission requirements
The standard admission requirements for Tippie College of Business are changing starting for students seeking admission for Fall 2020.  Read about the new admissions requirements.

Become a Tippie student

University of Iowa students who plan to major in business often begin as a prebusiness student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Most apply to Tippie around the start of their second year. This is done through the Change of College Application in MyUI. If you’re exploring business for the first time and changing majors, talk with your academic advisor about how to prep for admission to Tippie.

All undergraduate students—from any college—who are interested in admission to Tippie are welcome and encouraged to contact the undergraduate recruiting team for guidance on the application process and requirements.

Apply for change of college

Standard admission requirements

UI student will need to meet these criteria to be considered for standard admission to Tippie College of Business for Fall 2020 and beyond: 

  • 24 semester hours of college credit (from UI or transfer credit)
  • No instances of academic misconduct
  • A GPA of at least 2.75 prerequisite, UI, and cumulative (accounting requires a 3.0 UI and cumulative GPA)
  • Passing grades in the following prerequisites or equivalents:
    • ECON:1100 Principles of Microeconomics
    • STAT:1030 Statistics for Business
    • RHET:1030 Rhetoric
    • MSCI:1500 Business Computing Essentials
    • MATH:1380 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business (Note: Students seeking admission Fall 2020 should complete MATH:1380. Students seeking admission after Fall 2020 will complete MATH:1350.)

Additional accounting requirements

To pursue a major in accounting, you must first be admitted to the Tippie College of Business. In addition, you must also meet the following criteria to declare a major in accounting:

  • GPA of 3.0 UI and cumulative
  • A 2.67 (B-) average in ACCT:2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACCT:2200 Managerial Accounting
  • A passing score on the writing skills assessment

Petition for access to major-level courses in Accounting

Students admitted to Tippie who do not meet the requirements for enrolling in major-level courses in Accounting must petition for access. Documentation to support the petition must be sent directly to Kevin Den Adel, the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Accounting, at the address provided on the petition form. Students may petition for access to major-level courses in Accounting beginning December 27, 2019. Petitions will be accepted through February 3, 2020.

When to apply

Most prebusiness majors apply to Tippie around the start of their second year.

You need to have met the admissions requirements by the end of the semester when you apply; summer or winter semester courses can’t be used to meet requirements. If you have requirements left to complete in summer, you’ll need to apply to Tippie for spring semester of the following year.

To be admitted in Fall: 

  • Apply before May 1
  • Complete requirements by the end of the spring semester

To be admitted in Spring: 

  • Apply before September 1
  • Complete requirements by the end of the fall semester


    Important information for applicants

    • Applications can be submitted until midnight on the day of the deadline, but we recommend you apply well before that so we can assist you with questions or problems.
    • Official transcripts from other institutions must be in the Office of Admissions by June 15 for fall applicants and January 10 for spring applicants.
    • If you miss the application deadline, see your advisor in the Tippie College of Business undergraduate program office. If you're not advised by Tippie, stop by during our drop-in hours.

    Appeal an admissions decision

    Students who have applied and been denied admission to Tippie may appeal that decision. Documentation to support an appeal must be sent directly to the Undergraduate Program Office at the address provided on the appeal form. Please contact the Undergraduate Program Office at 319-335-1037 if you have questions or need more information about the appeal process. Students may appeal their denial of Fall 2020 admission beginning May 20, 2020. Appeals will be accepted through August 16, 2020.

    Appeal for Standard Admission