What’s direct admission?

Think of it as the top-tier path to a Tippie business degree. Direct admits get access to special scholarships, plus people and resources that start off your college experience in the right direction—helping you transition to college, explore business careers, and get involved with causes that speak to you. An upperclassman will serve as your mentor, helping you find your place at Tippie—and at the University of Iowa.

Graduating high school seniors should apply to the University of Iowa as a first-year student, and choose the Tippie College of Business as their college of interest. If you meet the university’s criteria for admission, we’ll automatically review your application for direct admission to the Tippie College of Business.

Direct Admit Seminar: your springboard to success

If you're waiting until year three or four to think about your future career, you're far too late.

Decide on the right major. Meet the right faculty. Join the right student organization. Get internships. Build your resume, so when it's time to look for your dream job, you're confident and competitive. There's a lot to get done, and to maximize your odds of success, it needs to start in your first year.

The Direct Admit Seminar is a launching pad to success as a first-year student, sure, but also every year beyond. Including the years you're out in the working world. 

Explore the Direct Admit Seminar

Direct admission criteria

There are two criteria to be eligible:

  • 3.6 high school GPA
  • 26 or higher composite ACT score (SAT equivalency—1230 or higher)

We understand that COVID-19 has caused limited access to ACT and SAT tests. Any academic disruptions you have experienced will not keep you from being considered for admission at the University of Iowa. We encourage you to apply for admission even if you do not have a test score. 

Here is why:

  1. If you have an ACT score of at least 26 (or SAT score of at least 1230) and a high school GPA of at least 3.60, you’re guaranteed admission.
  2. If you have a least a 3.60 high school GPA, with or without a test score, our team will manually review your application and you may still be admitted based solely on your high school record.
  3. If you are currently below on both requirements you can petition.

In short, direct admission is pretty great, and it is reserved for the best and brightest first-year business students—including international students.

Additional accounting requirements

To pursue a major in accounting, you must eligible to declare a major in Tippie and then meet the following criteria:

  • GPA of 3.0 UI and cumulative
  • A 2.67 (B-) average in ACCT:2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACCT:2200 Managerial Accounting
Student Story
If you’re a high-flyer with more than one big audacious goal, do what star gymnast Cory Paterson (BBA17) did: Choose a business school that lets you pursue a career in finance and your Olympic-size dreams.

Thanks to stellar grades and SATs, Cory Paterson snagged a spot as a Tippie direct admit. He was boosted into business classes as a freshman and was lucky enough to experience special career seminars.

What if I don’t meet direct admit criteria?

You still have a path to a business degree—standard admission is designed just for you. If you’re admitted to the UI but not eligible for direct admission to Tippie, you’ll start as a prebusiness major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. During your second year, you’ll apply for standard admission to the college. You also have the option to petition for the college to review your specific case as long as you have been admitted to the University of Iowa as a prebusiness student.

Petition for direct admission

If you're not selected for direct admission, you can petition for the college to review your specific situation again. You must be admitted to the University of Iowa as a prebusiness student in order to petition. Graduating high school seniors may petition for Fall 2022 direct admission beginning October 1, 2021. Petitions will be accepted through August 1, 2022. Please contact the Undergraduate Program Office at 319-335-1037 if you have questions or need more information about the direct admission petition process.

Petition for Direct Admission

When to apply

The application opens every August for the following fall, so applying early in your senior year is ideal. We accept direct admit students in fall semester only.

This way, after you get your admissions decision from the UI, you’ll have plenty of time to apply for business scholarships available to direct admit and prebusiness students. The deadline for graduating high school seniors to apply for Tippie scholarships is December 1. Applications completed after that date will be reviewed subject to the availability of additional funds.

To be admitted in: Fall 2022

Recommended dates to apply: August to December 2021

Last dates to apply: May 1, 2022* / International: March 1, 2022

Scholarship deadline: December 1, 2021

*While May 1 is technically the final date to apply for fall admission, the Office of Admissions may institute a waitlist for admission after March 1—the sooner you apply, the better.

Tippie Gateway

Tippie's Gateway Summer Program—for students from diverse backgrounds

Experience campus life at a Big Ten institution, complete with residence hall living and student activities. Be introduced to the six business majors at Tippie and discover career opportunities in business by hearing from Tippie alumni and business professionals. Get hands-on business experience with simulations, case studies, and company visits while working closely with current Tippie College of Business students. Develop critical skills needed to make a successful transition from high school to college. Learn more about the Tippie's Gateway Summer Program now.