Finance makes the business world go around.

Tippie’s BBA in finance is a total immersion in finding, following, managing, and making money.

You make some money. You save it in a bank. The bank lends the money to a business. The business uses it to build a factory and pay employees. The employees save their pay in a bank, and the cycle starts again. Every part of that cycle—where to get money, how to invest money, how much to price and pay for things so that your business (or your household) stays in business—involves a financial decision. The bankers, brokers, analysts, and planners who make those decisions studied finance, just like you.

Success in finance is fundamental

The value of an investment opportunity—a company, a piece of real estate, an entire market—is all about the underlying fundamentals. With Tippie’s BBA in finance, you’ll understand those fundamentals like the back of your hand. And with experiences like the Krause Fund, in which you‘ll manage a stock portfolio worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ll know how to apply those fundamentals like a pro.

Want to see the courses you could take as a finance major? Check out the finance academic plan.

Finance academic plan

By the numbers

96 percent graphic

Finance alums employed or in grad school

within 6 months of graduation, 2015-2016
48,000 dollars graphic

Average starting salary for finance grads

Class of 2016
 $357k Krause Fund Market Value

Value of Tippie's student-managed fund

Krause Fund, May 2016

Tippie grads advancing in finance

Tippie finance grads are making a name for themselves in real estate, investment banking, hedge fund management, and a host of other fields. And the networking and internship opportunities provided by the Vaughan Institute and the Hawkinson Institute have helped them achieve an almost 100% employment rate.

Explore finance careers

Alumni Story
Michael Korobov

Pivot from Krause Fund to global investment bank

Michael Korobov (BBA15) was enrolled in the Applied Equity Valuation course. It was his favorite class.

“It was more on the level of ‘how much value is this bringing someone?’ versus simply getting a good grade.”

Korobov used the valuation techniques and analytical tools of real analysts to manage Iowa’s Krause Fund, an actual equity portfolio.

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Highlighted Offerings

Finance Undergraduate Hawkinson Investment Banking

Hawkinson Institute

Dedicated to getting students career-ready for jobs in investment banking—open to finance and accounting majors.

Master's Program

Earn a master’s degree in just two additional semesters through Iowa’s Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) program, also referred to as a 4+1. You’ll save time and money by applying 10-15 semester hours toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees—and enter the job market with your BBA and MS in hand.

Vaughan Institute Risk Management Insurance

Vaughan Institute

Preparing students for beneficial careers both in corporate risk management and insurance—one of the state’s largest industries.

Study Abroad
Students pose in front of Stonehenge on London Trip

What better way to spend your winter break than expanding your education in London. This two-week program will give you a glimpse into how Londoners live and the way business functions in one of the financial centers of the world.

Student Organizations


HawkTrade Stock Investment Club meets weekly to discuss investment strategies, market news, and share stock opinions. From finance to engineering and from beginners to those who trade options and derivatives, members of HawkTrade vary greatly in their chosen majors and experiences. We highly recommend that all students attend a meeting to experience everything that HawkTrade has to offer.