Finance is booming.

Businesses, governments, individuals—they all have financial questions.

How do I raise capital for my new business? What should we expect tax revenues to be next year? What’s the best way to plan for retirement or my child’s college education? That’s why there are so many career opportunities in finance.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong job growth in most finance-related fields through at least 2024. Financial analysts have it especially good, with job growth expected to be 12%, more than five points above the average for all jobs. You could also be:

  • a risk manager
  • a consultant
  • a financial planner
  • a trader
  • an investment banker
  • an underwriter
  • a regulator
  • a budget analyst


Tippie grads are making the financial grade

Graduates with a Tippie BBA in finance have a reputation for being able to hit the ground running in a variety of roles and work environments. That’s why businesses like these recruit their finance talent from Tippie:

  • Northern Trust
  • ConAgra
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Target
  • BMO
  • GE
  • EY
  • CNA Insurance

And you can build your own reputation through the networking and internship opportunities available through the Hawkinson Institute (focuses on investment banking, financial services, and consulting industries) and the Vaughan Institute (focuses on insurance and risk management).

Internship & career resources

The Pomerantz Career Center offers a wealth of resources to help you find internships, networking opportunities, and your first—or next—finance job. 

Visit the Pomerantz Career Center

Alumni Story
Student Organizations Liz Perez

Pivot from math genius to Fortune 500 credit analyst

When Liz Perez (BBA15) arrived at Tippie, she knew finance was her talent but she had no real understanding of the career paths she could take.

After leading a student organization, taking specialized financial management courses and landing two finance internships, Liz earned a spot on GE Capital’s Commercial Leadership Program as a credit analyst. Her day-to-day is spent underwriting outdoor product business deals under a million dollars, ranging from agricultural products to lawnmowers.

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