Business analytics: where data meets decision making

Put yourself at the intersection of the hottest skills in business and the leading minds in the field of business analytics.

Blake Ingram

Full-time Master of Business Analytics

Immerse yourself in the fast-growing field of business analytics. The full-time, on-campus master’s is a three-semester program that will put you on the leading edge of a burgeoning industry hungry for top talent.

Alison Burchett

Business Analytics Certificate

Learn how to analyze data for business decisions by earning this graduate-level certificate. Offered online and in three locations in Iowa.

The world's most in-demand skills

That’s according to LinkedIn, which incidentally used some of its data to rank data mining, data engineering, and business intelligence among the 25 hottest skills of 2015.

Learn from the best

We’re not doing business analytics because it’s trendy. We’re doing it because we’re good at it. The country’s best minds in business analytics and data science teach here at the Tippie College of Business.

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By the numbers

2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily according to IBM

Quintillion bytes of data

created daily. Source: IBM
248 students enrolled in the Business Analytics program

Total students enrolled

in Tippie's part-time analytics programs
BAIS 5 Courses Required

Courses required

for Tippie's Business Analytics Certificate

What is business analytics?

It's the journey from data to value. Data has always been around. What’s new is the rate at which we’re creating it, storing it, and our ability to process it. Until it can guide business decisions, data lacks value. Through business analytics, data finds meaning and guides decisions. That's value.

Business analytics at Tippie

With new programs popping up daily, how do you separate deep analytics expertise from new kids on the block? At Tippie, we have a long analytics heritage and some of the most sought-after teaching talent in the country. All this expertise drives how we develop your analytics skillset.

Alumni Story
Nicole McCormick

“I manage two marketing sub-teams. Their output and levels of happiness are higher than they used to be, and I attribute that to the classes I’ve taken.”

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