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Stephanie Herzog

Hitting all the fairways

The University of Iowa’s strengths in accounting, writing, and athletics provided Stephanie Herzog (BBA21) the perfect place to succeed as a student, creative writer, and Hawkeye golfer.
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Financial sleuth: Shawn Fox always finds the money

Shawn Fox (BBA96) is glad he was an attentive student. Advice from now Emeritus Associate Professor Richard Tubbs not only saved him from possible prison time, but set him on track for an exciting career, one in which he often plays the leading role in courtroom drama and fraud investigations.

New Tippie economics department executive officer looks to rebuild program

David J. Cooper, the new departmental executive officer for the economics department at the Tippie College of Business, will look to simplify the economics major and focus on recruitment.
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UI Institute for International Business to train Saudi women to be entrepreneurs

Fifty Saudi Arabian women will learn how to become entrepreneurs, with the help of an educational program from the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business that will also connect them with mentors throughout the state.

Tippie's Barbara Thomas named a Woman of Influence

Barbara Thomas has worn many different hats in her time as a Hawkeye—ranging from managing alumni donor magazines to overseeing all communication efforts in the Tippie College of Business.

Pro tip for 2021 holiday shopping: Stay flexible and don’t panic buy

Some listeners might have thought she was crying wolf, when they heard a logistics and supply chain expert from the University of Iowa say to buy their Christmas gifts back in July. The predictions were correct from Jen Blackhurst, a UI professor of business analytics, and we’re now seeing products ranging from video games to sirloin steaks have vanished from store shelves.

Companies taking political stands might miss out on top talent

As more businesses stake out political positions on hot button issues, a new study from a researcher at the Tippie College of Business finds they might be making it difficult to recruit top employees because a significant number of job seekers consider those positions when deciding where to apply.
Ling Yan

Working behind the scenes to get you Clorox wipes

Supply chains and forecasts have never been more critical. Meet Ling Yan (MAc01), Clorox’s director of international tax and M&A and new Professional Accounting Council member.

The power of the fourth estate

Media coverage of corporate wrongdoing is an important part of holding executives accountable, according to a new study from Tippie's Dain Donelson, and shows the value of a robust watchdog media.